Episode 135 – James Garnier

It’s a short podcast this week as we’re recording on a school night, but we make time to talk about the Destiny beta, Porco Rosso, the art of Kawase Hasui and The Americanization of Emily.

In the Geek Week In Review: the rumored shutdown of Studio Ghibli, the Maniac Mansion design document, what if The Rock’s Shazam was a tiny girl, the Simpsons World streaming service, Spiderman 2 on Youtube, the Dragon Age 3 delay and the death of James Garner.

  • Intro: Rockford Files (Theme) – Mike Post and Pete Carpenter
  • Break: Maniac Mansion (Theme) – Chris Grigg and Dave Lawrence
  • Outro: My Neighbor Totoro (Music Box) – Joe Hisaishi

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