Episode 10.5 – Doctor Who

Anne is out sick this week, so Bill assembles a crack team of nerds to talk about Doctor Who while she’s gone – considering the lack of Anne, you should consider this an alternate-universe episode of the show, hence its 10.5 designation.

Anyway, this week we’ve got cartoonist/writer Dylan Meconis and contract negotiation coach Katie Lane on hand to talk about everyone’s favorite two-hearted time-traveller.

(Psst! You can buy original art and custom watercolor paintings from Dylan here. Need coaching through a harrowing freelance negotiation? Katie can help you out here. Also, the documents we mention about the humble origins of Doctor Who at the BBC can be found here.)

  • Intro: “Knock Knock” by Fatboy Roberts
  • Break: “This is Gallifrey” by Murray Gold
  • Outro: “Mad Man With A Box” by Halia Marwood

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