Episode 134 – Guypiercer


Anne’s back from another trip (this time to see an all-female production of The Two Gentlemen of Verona in Ashland, Oregon), but she made time to chat with Bill about Snowpiercer (some spoilers there), the Oregon Vortex, the Studio Ghibli documentary The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, The Wind Rises, The Legend of Korra, and then Bill attempts to lure Anne into playing the new edition of D&D and/or the Destiny beta.

In the Geek Week In Review: The Millennium Falcon as time machine, Frankenstein’s Comic Book Swap, Destiny special editions, the proposed Final Fantasy Tactics-style Bioshock Vita game, the Alien: Isolation DLC , the shell game that was Dash-Com and the Ed Catmull wage-fixing scandal.

  • Intro: Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
  • Break: Train Ride – Joe Hisiashi
  • Outro: Hikouki Gumo – Yuming

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