Episode 131 – No, You Shut Up

Anne’s still away visiting friends in Canada this week, and so Jacob “I Hate DRM75” returns this week – along with Daniel “The Grumpy Turtle” Rutis sit in again to make sure Bill doesn’t accidentally catch himself on fire while making rice cooker panckaes.

We talk about Steam sales, season 2 of Orange is the New Black, The Legend of Earthsea books (or at least the first one), No You Shut Up, Puppet Up, 80’s Saturday morning cartoon commercial compilations on Youtube and Back to the Future LEGO sets.

In the Geek Week In Review: Disney’s (inevitable) sanitization of Into the Woods, Regal Cinemas’┬ánew “super tickets“, George Lucas’ $700 million Star Wars/illustration art museum, Rian Johnson being called up to that galaxy far, far away and the return of The Legend of Korra.

  • Intro: Brothers in a One-Hat Town (Brothers Bloom theme) – Nathan Johnson
  • Break: Time Bomb Town – Lindsey Buckingham
  • Outro: Come On Up to the House – Tom Waits

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