Episode Ten – Christmas

Despite nothing going on either in the world at large or in Anne or Bill’s lives, we manage to spend half an hour talking about Batman, The Hobbit, and our feelings about penises (I can’t remember how we wound up talking about that, either.)

Then it’s a dizzying 90 minutes of gab about Christmas memories (Anne being a jerk to some poor Israeli kid and Bill jumping in poop), our favorite films (White Christmas and Little Women) and readers’ comments about the holidays. And a special Christmas gift to our listeners this week: a brief smidgen of Australian-phobic bigotry!

  • Intro: “O Tannenbaum” performed by Vince Gauraldi
  • Break: “Barbecue” from Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas
  • Outro: “Under the Umbrella” from Gillian Armstrong’s Little Women

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