Episode 123 – As Simple As Do-Re-Mi


Anne and Bill have returned from hijacking a Nazi truck full of unearthed E.T. cartridges, and so on this week’s menu: Orphan Black, Octodad, Burial at Sea Part 2, the Parks and Recreation season finale, the Game of Thrones controversy, Jeff Green beating Dark Souls and NES Remix 2.

In the Geek Week in Review: Dragon Age 3‘s release date (and lots of Dragon Age talk in general), the shrinking AAA-game market, the MST3K ‘reboot’, the status of the Star Wars expanded universe and rebranding Ronald McDonald & Taco Bell’s to appeal to hipsters.

  • Intro: NES Remix 2 (Theme) – Toshiyuki Sudo
  • Break: Pie – Korby Lenker
  • Outro: Pawneee Saturday Night – Bobby Roberts

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