Episode 120 – Mary Lou SteamBurger



This we’re joined by listener Jacob (A.K.A. I Hate DRM) to talk about Back to the Future marathons, Shadowrun Dragonfall, Infamous: Second Son, The Silence of the Lambs, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Noah, Saga volume 3, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge and the new Stripped documentary.

In the Geek Week In Review: The $600 Japan-only Miyazaki Blu-Ray box set, the failed Game_Jam reality show, Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game, How I Met Your Mother’s ascension to the ranks of beloved TV shows with hated series finales and the 50th pre-anniversary of mankind’s first contact with aliens.

  • Intro: The Diner – Alan Silvestri
  • Break: The Goonies II (World 1) – Cyndi Lauper (by way of some poor schmuck at Konami)
  • Outro: Happy Birthday – Atom & His Package


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