Episode 113 – Left Behind spoilercast (RAW)

i800LR94XTpAO   This 4-hour podcast was too freakin’ long for Garageband to handle, so here’s the raw, uniedited audio ripped straight from the Google Hangout we used to record this ridiculous gabfest. Anyway, our special guests this week are listener I Hate DRM (aka Jacob) and Anne’s fellow LadyLike Book Club Podcast co-host, Conley Smith! They are both cool people who did not walk out when conversation turned to Ron + Hermione drama or Once Upon a Time. Also on the menu this week: True Detective, breakfast burritos, The Lego Movie, You’re Next, the Titanfall beta, Bravely DefaultJazzpunk and man-yogurt.

And finally, at the 3-hour 11-minute mark is our spoiler talk for the Last of Us DLC, Left Behind.

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